Core functions

Core functions are reusable shortcuts that all elements can use.

sda.shortcuts.generate_elements(_class, locator)

Iterate through all elements returned and create an instance of _class for each

  • _class (Element) – Class to create instances from
  • locator – SDA Locator. ex. (‘xpath’, ‘//element/path/here’)

from sda.core import generate_elements
from sda.element import Element
from import By
from selenium import webdriver

# Locator
class FooLocators(object):

    BAR_LOCATOR = (By.XPATH, '//some/locator')

# Can be fixture or structure
class Bar(object):

    def __init__(self, web_driver, by, path):

        self._driver = web_driver
        self.element = Element(web_driver=web_driver, by=by, path=path)

# Can be fixture or page
class Foo(object):

    def __init__(self, web_driver):
        self.driver = web_driver

    # Essentially what generate elements will do is find all elements that return from the selector and then append
    # an index at the end of the selector expression. Make sure to use XPATH. There will be support for other
    # selector types other than By.XPATH, but this is the only way that it will properly work. Always remember to
    # return the web driver element!
    @generate_elements(Bar, FooLocators.BAR_LOCATOR)
    def bars(self):

        return self.driver

wd = webdriver.Firefox()
f = Foo(wd)

# Returns all the foobar instances it can find
bars = f.bars()