2. Getting Started

2.1 Sample project

After installing sda you should be ready to begin.

SDA is built with the intention that it will be used in conjunction with web development. A developer would develop their web site using uniquely identifiable ids or attributes to locate elements within a web page. SDA allows the test builders to create a “framework” that all tests can generally be written on top of so that the tests are not brittle (simple changes easily break operability and fixing requires extensive re-work. When beginning a testing project, it is best practice to already start thinking of how that framework structure will come together. An example would be:

  • hello_page
    • __init__.py
    • fixtures.py
    • locators.py
    • page.py
  • goodbye_page
    • __init__.py
    • fixtures.py
    • locators.py
    • page.py
  • website
    • __init__.py
    • site.py

Each “page” would have its own locators for elements and fixtures which are just elements or collections of elements with defined structures and have specific behaviours.

2.2 Using SDA to define pages

Within each page you need to define each element that may appear on that page. And for each element you need to define how one might find that element and only that element. For example on hello page there might be a form that the user would fill out.

<form id="form_hello">
   <input id="hello_name" placeholder="What is your name?" />
   <input id="hello_submit" type="submit" />

To define that form, or “fixture”, we would do something similar to the following:

# First we would start out in the locators.py file
from sda.locators import Locators
from selenium.webdrivers.common.by import By

class HelloLocators(Locators):

   FORM_HELLO = (By.XPATH, '//form[@id="form_hello"]')
   FORM_NAME = (By.XPATH, '//input[@id="hello_name"]')
   FORM_SUBMIT = (By.XPATH, '//input[@id="hello_submit"]')
# Then we would move to the fixtures.py file
from sda.element import Element
from sda.structures import *
from locators import HelloLocators

class HelloForm(Element):

   def __init__(self, web_driver, by, path):

      super(HelloForm, self).__init__(web_driver, by, path)

      hello = InputText(web_driver, *HelloLocators.FORM_NAME)
      submit = Button(web_driver, *HelloLocators.FORM_SUBMIT)
# Lastly we would add that fixture to page.py
from sda.page import Page
from fixtures import HelloForm
from locators import HelloLocators

class HelloPage(Page):

   def __init__(self, web_driver):

      super(HelloPage, self).__init__(web_driver)

      form = HelloForm(web_driver, *HelloLocators.FORM_HELLO)
# Once the page is complete, add it to the main site
from sda.site import Site
from my_site.hello_page.page import HelloPage

class MySite(Site):

   def __init__(self, web_driver):

      super(MySite, self).__init__(web_driver)

      hello = HelloPage(web_driver)